Let Love Grow

Yes, all of the rumors are true: Valentine’s Day was indeed last Tuesday. Regardless of whether you spent the Holiday drinking [too much] wine with your best girlfriends and watching hopelessly wonderful movies based on Nicholas Sparks novels, or if you were out on the greatest date of your life with your One and Only, it is impossible to deny how absolutely awesome love is. At Events by Kristin, we LOVE love, and this is precisely why we decided to do things a little differently this year. I humbly present to you our newest campaign: Let Love Grow.

It is estimated that $17.6 billion were spent on Valentine’s Day this year, and that roughly 36% of that went directly to the floral industry. If you, or someone you know, received flowers on Valentine’s Day (according to my calculations this should include every human), then get excited and keep reading…

Last Tuesday, we took the bouquets and arrangements we received for Valentine’s Day to a local hospital where they were given to those who may have otherwise felt forgotten.  Delivered with a hug and a message of love, the simplest gift of flowers gave us a reason to make friends out of strangers, and to let our new friends know that they were accepted and loved. As we began sharing this idea, we heard even more amazing stories of attaching notes and Bible verses to single roses and delivering them to neighbors, coworkers, or even to the Barista that makes coffee with a smile every morning. We challenge you to Let Love Grow by regifting your Valentine’s flowers in 2013!

Here is our philosophy behind Let Love Grow:

Knowing that we are completely accepted for who we are, and are cared about both at our best and at our worst, gives us an irreplaceable comfort and confidence. The most beautiful thing about this authentic love is that it never terminates on us: When we are truly loved, we understand what true love is, and are simultanesouly empowered and enabled to truly love others. It is a lot like the movie Paying It Forward, except less mathematics and pyramid-scheme looking charts are involved, and it is YOU starting the revolution instead of Haley Joel Osment.

By Marissa Hausmann