Just Like in the Movies…

There was nothing particularly extraordinary about Shawn and Katie going to a movie on a Friday evening. They arrived at the Angelika together, purchased tickets to a movie that they had never heard of because, lets be honest, none of us have ever heard of any of the movies that play at the Angelika. Sometimes we see a film so full of truth and beauty that we are forced to reevaluate what it is to live a life of purpose and are forever changed by having been exposed to such a powerful story. Sometimes it is Paranoid Park, and 85 minutes of my life that I will never get back. Regardless, the young couple continued past the concession counter and headed for the numbered door that the helpful cinema employee gestured them towards.

A few patrons were scattered around the theater, but it was mostly empty as Shawn and Katie chose their seats. The room grew black as the lights were dimmed down to darkness. Shawn whispered to Katie that he would be right back, and he headed for the lobby just as the projector illuminated the screen.

The film that Katie began to watch was one of the life-changing kinds, the type that captivated her instantly, and held her complete attention throughout. Her heart raced, and she could not look away as she watched Shawn shopping for her engagement ring and talking with his best friend about how much he loves her and how he wants nothing more than to be her husband. She watched as the man she loved walked through the Angelika and down the very same hallway that they had just been in together moments before. Larger than life on the floor-to-ceiling screen, he reached for the door to the theater and started down the aisle towards her.

The movie ended, and the lights came back on to reveal Shawn down on one knee in front of her with the most beautiful diamond she had ever seen. She said yes without hesitation, and leapt into his arms.

?The alleged fellow movie goers scattered about the theater were photographers planted to capture the perfect proposal, and after her ecstatic “Yes” and unforgettable embrace was caught on camera, Shawn led his beautiful fiance to the lobby where both her parents and his waited to celebrate with them. 
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By Marissa Hausmann