Irish I Would Have Known!

So maybe it was love at first sight. Your eyes meet his from across the room, and from that moment forward, you are head-over-heels in love with the most phenomenal man in the known world. He is undoubtedly your forever soulmate. Introductions are made. Words are exchanged. Sparks fly. Next thing you know, you and your own personal Ryan Gosling are riding bikes through the park, kissing in the rain, dancing under the stars, and somehow seeing only each other in the midst of a crowded room (please imagine this movie montage style: background music should be something heartfelt and simple, acoustic guitars are probably involved…maybe a John Mayer-ish situation). Let’s face the facts: you want to marry this guy, and quick.

Or maybe you sat next to him in Coach Whoever’s blow off health class in ninth grade, and he has been your best friend ever since he gave you all of the answers for that pop quiz you were totally unprepared for. It has been a slow and steady progression of friendship into love. He knows you, he understands your heart, and he is the only one you can truly be yourself around…and you have been around. For almost ten years. You know that he loves you and wants to be with you forever, but somehow your left hand is feeling lighter with each passing day. Please do not make me quote an over played Beyonce song from 2008 right now (think black leotard). Okay fine, isn’t it time that this dude puts a ring on it?

Fret not, I have very interesting news for you! On only one magical day every four years it is considered completely appropriate and acceptable for a lady to propose to her man: Leap Day. Evidently this tradition began back in 5th century Ireland when Saint Bridget started pouting about how long women had to wait for men to propose. In response, Saint Patrick officially decreed that Irish females were permitted to ask for a man’s hand in marriage on any February 29th. As legend would have it, this tradition was then taken to Scotland by Irish monks, eventually finding its way to England, and finally winding up in America.

Perhaps you missed your golden opportunity this year, as Leap Day has already come and gone. If for any reason your man does not get it together and pop the question before 2016, then you have fairly legitimate historical evidence to support you getting down on one knee and proposing to him on that exceptional 29th day of February. May the Luck of the Irish by with you in your pursuit of forever love!

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By Marissa Hausmann