Holy Matri-money!

Brides beware! Do not fall prey to the My-Wedding-Is-In-Three-Months-And-I-Forgot-I-Had-A-Budget syndrome. This ailment, commonly known as Last Minute Upgrade Disorder (LMUD), has unfortunately led to the demise of many a once level-headed bride. In order to avoid losing both your sanity and your savings, prevent the onset of LMUD early by identifying the following symptoms:
    • 1st $ymptom: Around 3 months before your wedding, you’ll begin to second-guess your decisions.
    • 2nd $ymptom: You’ll get scared and think about what you can do to make your wedding better or more unique.
    • 3rd $ymptom: Then you’ll ask friends, family, co-workers and anyone that will listen to you, about what they think of your new ideas.
    • 4th $ymptom (most dangerous): You make a few phone calls and start upgrading a few of your packages…
Ladies, stick to your original budget. As the wedding draws near, your emotions take over…ignore them. Protect yourself from LMUD by surrounding yourself with people that you trust, and that will hold you accountable. Taking on the role of Wedding Planner could actually end up costing you more money, time, and effort than you would spend on hiring a professional. Regardless of whether you choose to hire an Event or Wedding Planner, be intentional about finding an unbiased third party to keep you calm, collected, and conservative with your funds.
Stay strong, breathe, and remember that you are about to walk down the aisle and marry the man of your dreams – this is what your Big Day is about: love, hope, promise, trust, commitment, and celebrating the fact that you get to spend the rest of your life with your very best friend by your side. Your vision can absolutely be achieved without unnecessary upgrades and last-minute meltdowns, I promise.

By Marissa Hausmann

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