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events by kristin

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Not wanting to be stressed on the day of my wedding, I set up an interview during a trip to Dallas with a wedding coordinator my DJ had suggested to me. At our first meeting I recognized that Kristin was upbeat, organized, and super charming. Events by Kristin, her company, does both wedding planning and wedding and event coordinating. We hired Kristin as the month before and day-of coordinator, meaning that she would get me super-organized, coordinate all of the vendors, help with last minute details, and be familiar enough with me and our event that on the day of the wedding she could seamlessly take over. And she did. But she also did so much more.
I Do Cupcake
When I was looking for ways to personalize the reception, Kristin suggested cocktail napkins. When I wanted a charming guest book, Kristin helped me decide on using a perpetual calendar. When we were on a walk through with the whole wedding team, Kristin had the idea of filling the empty table with family pictures. I had been dying to put up old pictures of David and I, and couldn’t figure out where to do it. This is one of the things that makes working with Kristin so spectacular. She thinks quickly on her toes and I could tell she was really listening to what I wanted for the wedding, but couldn’t quite put my finger on. We also included some non-traditional wedding elements, and when I started to doubt my decisions, Kristin was a fabulous cheerleader and supporter.
Hands in the sand
Fast forward to the night of the rehearsal dinner. David, Michelle (who officiated our wedding) and I had written the ceremony. We all loved it, but didn’t really know exactly how to make our vision happen. Kristin has the experience to take a wanna-be-planner and make their half-concocted ideas work. What makes Kristin even more special to me was the 12:30 am phone call I got from her. I emailed Kristin at about 12:25 asking about a wedding detail that I wasn’t too sure about. She called me right then and reassured me about everything. She let me have a little cry, a little vent and then offered to bring me donuts in the morning for breakfast. I went to sleep right after we decided I should send a mass text out to the wedding party letting them know to call Kristin should they have any questions. Her smiling face greeted me in the lobby of the venue the next morning and about eight hours after that I found my face inches away from her while she helped me pee with my dress on. After the wedding was over, we were talking, and in my signature awkwardness, I asked her if we could be friends.
Kristin Mullen is driven, sweet, organized and will go above and beyond for her brides. She does her job like a rock-star. I really ate my words about needing help, because I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Q & A with Kristin Mullen


What is typically your favorite moment in a wedding?

This is easy! Definitely, when the bride and groom see each other! Most of my weddings opt to do the “first look” and see each other before the ceremony and I LOVE when they do! It is such a special and personal moment for both of them and their reactions are usually more natural than when they have hundreds of eyes on them.


What inspired you to start your own business?

I have always loved planning events, especially weddings! However, I am also very particular and want things done my way : ) It is nice to not have to compromise with anyone and truly give the bride all you can and exactly what she wants.


What is one of the most unique concepts you have worked on and implemented with a bride?

Every bride has unique concepts that makes them who they are. I am working on a wedding right now (it is next month) that is actually a “surprise” wedding! The bride and groom have not yet announced their engagement. They are inviting all of their guests to an “engagement party”, however, it is really going to be the wedding! The guests are going to arrive and the bride and groom are going to be there to greet them and mix and mingle. Then, right before dinner, the bride is going to change into her dress and someone is going to make a “toast” and announce that we are actually going to have the wedding that night! I am really excited about this one!


What has been the most challenging aspect about starting your own business?

I think not having majored in business and having that knowledge (taxes, budgets, etc). I have a degree in Mass Communication, with a minor in Public Relations, but if I was to do it over again, I would have at least taken some business classes while still in school, if not double majored.


What is something that not a lot of people know about you?

I consider myself an expert “Wobbler” (the song, Wobble Baby by V.I.C.).


What are your essentials on the day of a wedding? Do you have a kit?

Yes, I have a emergency kit that I have with me at every rehearsal and wedding. It has everything in it from scissors, bug spray, a sewing kit, Hollywood Fashion Tape, safety pins, super glue, wrinkle release, nail file etc. It has come in handy at just about every wedding!


YMCA or Macarena?

Definitely the YMCA!

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